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Smcz, Aug 9, 12 4:49 AM.
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"Why can't I turn it in? Oh god!"

Kattniiss, May 10, 12 9:55 AM.
LOL grats Nightmare on your legendary dragon staff. And yay for the rest of us finally getting the Lil Taragosa pet

Heroic Madness Defeated. Cataclysm draws to an end

Smcz, Apr 24, 12 3:14 AM.
What to say.

Back in August I transferred to the tiny realm of Chromaggus with the hopes to create a guild in which I could learn and grow as a raid leader as much as the people I would be raiding with. We started from scratch, midway through Firelands, with the majority of the raid having little experience at best. We were taunted in trade, called baddies, and challenged by the other guilds who had proven themselves to be the best on the realm in the past. After two weeks, with all the other Alliance guilds on the server having only managed 1/7normal in Firelands, we quickly rose to the top, moving from 1/7 to 4/7 in one night. The next week, team members Zodi, Iwentpewpew, Snusnuknight, Magicmaster, Pharmakia, Brumm, Øath, Ardwinna, Yurnightmare, and Doof, achieved Realm First Alliance Ragnaros. With very few recruits to work with on the tiny server, we were hard pressed to fuel progression, but still managed to finish Firelands strong with 6/7heroic before Dragon Soul, placing us amongst the top guilds on the server overall. When Dragon Soul hit we were ready, pushing through with realm second kills all through normal modes. Two weeks later, we found ourselves not even to clear normal, due to having 7-8 raiders online each night, and no-one on the server having more then 1/8normal experience to pug. With members on edge, we decided it was time to say goodbye to Chromaggus.

We moved to Kil'Jaeden and brought with us Zodi (Zodie), Yurnightmare (Sargonakkad), Pharmakia (Wonkyeyekarl), Ardwinna (Ardbot), Duckalot (Duckalot), and Aenox (Aenox). Along the way we had to say our goodbyes to Magic, Pewpew, Snusnu, Jerry, Brumm, Rick (Sabretooth), and several others. Three weeks after transferring, we found the recruits we needed to start heroic Dragon Soul progression. After a rocky first week, we defeated 4/8heroic (with Hagara) before any nerf. But our luck didn't hold. We soon found ourselves with 7-8 raiders online each night once again, and were barely able to manage 1 solid night of progression each week. We finally got our roster back together long enough for a solid night of attempts on Warmaster ending with a kill, before losing several more. From here, we once again had to recruit and replace and rearrange and relearn and do everything that made us dread the next week of progression so much more. But once we finally got the people we need, online when we needed them, we rocked it. After 2 nights with our reformed group we took down Spine. The following week, we took down Madness in 8 attempts, bringing this tier to an end. I never thought we'd turn from a brand new guild on Chromaggus to a current content clearing guild on Kil'Jaeden in such a short time, but it's been wonderful. Through all the anxiety this tier has brought me and the guild as a whole, I want to say these past couple weeks have made it all worth it. It's been a pleasure progressing with you all this tier, and I can't wait to see how we fare with the challenges that still remain ahead.

Special thanks to the original team members. We miss you all, sorry you weren't here to see Deathwing die.

I don't think anyone can say it better than Paul Simon.

You'll see our names again up there next tier, Kil'Jaeden. Until then, it's been a long long day... time to say goodnight.


Savior of Azeroth!

Kattniiss, Apr 23, 12 1:50 AM.
Now to derp around in sw until MOP comes out :P LOL nah but grats guys. Its nice to be done with this tier with only a 15% nerf. #2 Alliance 10 man guild!


Kattniiss, Apr 21, 12 12:33 PM.
Ozai? LOL grats everyone on getting the titles and achieves....and to me for the mount <3

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